We all find solace in something,dont we? Some need friends, some need food, some need music, some sleep it off…..My solace has always been writing

You can always write what you can’t speak.


What is infinite?

A Mathematician would call it as something that’s not finite.

I beg to differ…

We all started to comprehend love very early in our life. At first it was all about parents, they made you to laugh and at time unintentionally they did made you to cry. But their love for you was always unconditional and untampered.


That unconditional love is infinity. Time can never perish it.


Enough time passes you grow up, you see the outer world. You make friends with it. At first the world is so kind to you. You realise how vast and beautiful the world is. You’re sent to school for learning and after 15 to 16 years of schooling all you have is a bunch of friends,well wishers,lover if you’re lucky enough and a stack of paper which attest to the fact that you learnt something during it,which inturn is bullshit because all you learnt there is nothing.


That nothing is infinity. Dont learn to earn,nothing can be learned unless you love to learn it. Life is endless until you decide to end it.


In our small world somewhere down the lane we meet this guy/girl… A fatal attraction, an endless intoxication and a
lot more… Is that love at first sight? I dont know. But yes he/she will make your day blossom. A true soulmate will never let your eyes rain, never let your smile fade away, never leave you…..Never ever


That never is infinity. If you’re honest with your soulmate its forever….infinte


Would like to end with a verse

“Live like there is no sorrow

Love like there is no tommrrow”







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  1. Hiii. I liked your concept but I wish you could have written a meatier one more 400 words? Other than that, it was great. All the best. (:


    1. abhayaaryaan says:

      Thank you…. Means a lot…A meatier one? Coming soon…


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