The known end

Life is uncertain they say?
You cant predict your future they say?
Death is the end they say?

Truth they speak. I honour their contention.

But what if you see it coming, what if death is not the end.

It was excatly an year ago that her hubby realised that she has life that can be counted in days or months.

It’s about a couple who were happily married for 14 years and have four adorable kids to attest about it.

A trip down the memory lane…

“Dear I m a bit ill, wont be able to cook food today, can you have it outside? ” asked the wife.

Don’t you need to consult a doctor, argued the husband

Wife: No, it is just a passing cold, I’ll be alright

Hubby: What about the kids, did you feed them?

Wife: Yes, I made them some idlis, they are good

Hubby: Okay take care

After a few days

Hubby: *angrily* See I told you to visit a doctor and you never do it

Wife: I am sorry dear, didn’t know it will be this severe

*visits a doctor*
*after doctor examining her*

Wife: Nothing serious na doctor?

Doctor: No, nothing to worry about just a passing viral fever, she will be alright in a day or two. Just be regular to these medicines.

*at home*

Hubby: You consulted a doctor?

Wife: Yeah I did,he said it’s just viral fever will go in a day

Hubby: I hope so, dont saddle yourself with extra work untill you’re normal again

Wife: Dont worry dear, I am good

A week passed still her viral fever didnt find its way out.

She consulted some other doctors too and every prescription failed. The blood sample taken didn’t find anything initially but later when researched on a broader and deeper scale it turned out to be jaundice.

*admitted her in hospital*

Wife: *sobbing* You came all alone? Where are the children?

Hubby: Your brother said he will take care of them as long as you are ill. He’ll take good care of them. Dont worry.

Wife: They are okay na? No one is asking for mamma?

Hubby: Whats wrong, why are you speaking like that, you’ll be okay in a weeks time, after that its always going to be the mamma with the kids.

Wife: You keep yourself occupied in business so much that it has made you stop bothering about our kids. Please give them some quality time of yours.

Hubby: Okay I promise I will, but please stop this talk right now, will you?

Wife: *smiles* Okay

*After a month*

Hubby: Doctor whats wrong with my wife? Why is her fever not curing?

Doctor: Sir we are giving our best shot but the diagnosis is taking longer than expected.

Hubby: Please do something doctor, my children are eagerly waiting for their mother to return

So its been a month since she is ill and a month since the husband last visited his place of business. In between he did spend a fortune on the treatment of her ill wife whose illness is yet to be diagnosed.

*in a meeting with doctor*

Hubby:What? What the heck are speaking about? Blood? Why? What? Doctor what are speaking about?

The husband looked stunned.

Brother in law : You okay? What is he saying? What is her illness?

Hubby: She… She …her blood …the blood….she is losing blood… We need to get her blood from blood bank.

Brother in law: what? What the hell? We have already spent lakhs and lakhs on her treatment and still he is asking for blood?

*at the hospital*

Wife: Dear, how much you love me?

Hubby: Why asking now? You doubt it?

Wife: Will you remarry, if i dont see tomorrow?

Hubby: Shut up…just shut up.You are going nowhere.

Wife: Will she treat my kids good? Will she love them the way I do?

Hubby: Just stay with me please, just stay. We’ll be alright. Everything is gonna be alright.

Wife: *with teary eyes* I love you dear, I do

They did get blood from blood bank courtesy of a few relatives who volunteered for blood donation. But unfortunately that also didn’t work out. The doctors were scratching their heads out. The husband was in a state of trauma and the relatives tried their level best to stand by him.

*at the doctors office*

Doctor: Look her condition is quite serious. We are unable to attain the diagnosis here, so let me suggest you something, you better go to Mumbai. These kind of cases tends to prevail over there.

Hubby: *in an anguish note* anything else doctor?

Doctor: I hope she sees the daylight soon.

He took her to Mumbai amid all the uncertainties surrounding her.

*at mumbai*
*after tests from doctors*

Doctor: Look son I dont wanna keep you under any false implications, the condition of your wife is quite serious. Infact pretty serious.

Hubby: What should I do now?

Doctor: We need a bone marrow transfer, thats our only hope now.

Hubby: Is there any other alternative, a bone marrow transfer is pretty dangerous

Doctor: You have no choice

Hubby: How much Doctor?

Doctor: Nothing much,Something around 10 to 15 lakhs.

Hubby: In a low voice, will she be normal after that?

Doctor : Ofcourse she will be,you can count on us.

Hubby: Ok go ahead. I want her back doctor. Do anything but i want her back. Please bring her back.

*before transplation*

Wife: Where are they taking me to dear?

Hubby: Nowhere…. Just a little operation and you will be fine.

Wife: *laughs* You said the same last time around. My children, will they miss me? I wish I could play with them now.

Hubby: *with teary eyes* Dont worry, you will pretty soon.

Her bone marrow transplantation was successful. It did cost him 20 lakhs though. But he was more than happy to see her survive.

Her health was not bad but it was not too much to brag about. She was asked to stay under supervision for further clarifications.

The hubby was suffering huge losses both in terms of real money and opportunity cost as he hardly made any business during the past two months. But little did he cared because her life mattered the most.

After four days of bone marrow transplantation….the doctors found her unconscious in her bed.

Husband looked distraught and tears started rolling down his cheeks. He badly needed some sympathy. He badly needed her.

*at the doctors office*

Doctor: Where are you from?

Hubby: Rajasthan

Doctor: And her family?

Hubby: A few miles from my place in Rajasthan. Why doctor why are you asking these?

Doctor: Take her there. She needs them and you now.

Hubby: What? I dont get it.

Doctor: I am sorry sir, Last night her report came and we did some test including the one for blood cancer and..

Hubby: and doctor…. and what….


He started crying out loud and completely broke down.bWords cannot express the grief and pain he was under. He saw his world at the brink of end.

Doctor: Be Strong sir, there is nothing you or us can do about it

Hubby: How much doctor? How many years do she have?

Doctor: I feel extreme sorrow for you… But not more than three months.

He thought about her, their children and the emptiness he is gonna face. He needed to be strong to be able to reveal the truth to his relatives. He tried but in vain.

*speaking to her*

Hubby: Hey you’re not speaking anything. Why are you so tensed? I told you, you’re doing better.

Wife: Its been two months since I saw their faces, take me to them dear please. I wish to be with them.

Hubby: *trying to fake a smile* Yeah sweetheart we’re going pretty soon

He didn’t reveal it to her and brought her home to be with her children in her final moments.

The phrase “three months” was haunting and daunting him every second. Every time they did tears will roll down his eyes, but he would try to fight them back so that she don’t notice them.

Wife: You said the tablets will cure me in a week? But why my body is not reacting? Something wrong honey?

Hubby: No no, nothing just try to be happy with kids, the medicines will cure you slowly and steadily.

Wife: I hope it dont kill me slowly and steadily *laughs*

Hubby: * with wet eyes* Nop , I am not gonna let you go anywhere without me.

Wife: Love you dear

Hubby: Love you too…

2 months passed. Every day of those two months he lived with the known future and there was nothing he could do. It just kills you inside when you know what’s in store for you and that something is terribly bad. Some ends are not the end but a mere start of it.

Her health had worsened to such level that she was barely able to speak. He knew the time is coming, the time he would wish on no one but he had to face it, and face it strong because he had children to be taken care of .

Hubby: You there

Wife: *with teary eyes* Hmmm…

Hubby: I love you

Wife: My children

Hubby: I’ll love them more than my life

Wife: Love… Ahrrr… remarry

Hubby: No

Wife: Please

Hubby: No no no…

He broke down .Please don’t leave me, What would I do without you, please come back please, Oh heaven I beg you

Wife: Hmmmm…. Love

She passed out curling her Hubby’s hair. The cancer finally won after five months of protest. She breathed her last. The known end finally arrived but with an ocean of pain.

Life after her….
The children….the grand parents took their custody. Though they love them the same way its hard to fill for the void their mother had left.
As the saying goes “you can be whatever you want but you can never be a mother”.

The husband, his business ran into losses.Whose won’t be? He spent nearly 60 to 70 lakhs on the wife who is no more. That’s more than unbearable for a middle class business man. He gave up on business…. Got addicted to drugs and alcohol (man’s best friend in pain), would visit his children once a week, mentally unstable, drug overdose, lukemia, depression, from a well built man to stick and bones. The hubby became everything what the word failure and pain stands for. He felt pain, he lived pain. And yes he didn’t remarry. Never he thought of it.

Thats what love does
It dont END… Not even after forever

Death is never the end it just takes away the physical you…

Your memories, your thoughts ..
They will haunt the one who loves you for no end of time.

Abhay Rathore

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