The unreflective mirror

Which is the last thing you did to make yourself proud?
Which is the last thing you did for the sake of your heart?
When was the last time you tried to be yourself?

The answers to these question you wont find printed in any notebook but within.

We have been nurtured in such a way that
right from the day we start understanding the sense we are pushed into this big well of non-sense called “Be like him/her”. It’s such an Indian thing.

Right from our schooling to old age the comparison and complexity never fades.

At school, our parents want us to be like the kid who always top the class. The saying and i quote ” Mrs. X’s Son has scored 98% and you end up scoring 95% , i tell you leave this Mrs. Y’s son friendship and be like that Mrs. X’s son.Look at him, he is always with his books.Your friendship is killing your rank. Don’t be too close to that Mrs. Y’s son.”

“Be like him(referring to Mrs.X’s son) and dont be like him(referring to Mrs.Y son)”

You grow up. You get married. You make love. You have kids.You’re a happy go lucky guy. But some where down the lane when you see someone else  you always wish how good life would have been if you were him. Is that imitation? No it’s not, but its closely related to it. The very regret you have upon yourself for what you’re and not for what you could have been or always wanted to be is complexity. The thing about complexity is that you’re so confused with your life that you have forgotten the fact that it’s your life.

Its easier said than done but it is not what you call as life if you’re not living it for your own sake.

Yes, you have family,friends,well wishers but above all you have something else and that something is called You.

But wait… This ain’t the only trouble, there is more to it.

It’s one thing that you’re constantly compared and asked to be someone else and Its another to wish to be someone else yourself. When is the last time you looked in the mirror and saw yourself in it? You didn’t because you were so busy trying to imitating and clone yourself to be someone else. That someone else will be trying to be someone else. The cycle continues. It never ends.

A few among them muster enough self believe and self confidence to be oneself. And you see even they are not spared because once they succeed they will be imitated and cloned upon.

Our mirrors have become so unreflective that we have stopped seeing ourselves in it. Every reflection you see has a shade of someone else and you’re not the only one.

There is a thin line of difference between inspiration and imitation.

An inspired person dont imitate but initiate his goal from the inspiration.

An imitating person dont get inspired but intend to be the person he imitate.

Above all you have to understand this one thing….

All our life we desire to be someone else but we seldom realise that that someone else is someone-else only because he’s himself.

Abhay Rathore


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  1. girlwithgoldenheart says:

    This is so very true and I am so very myself #loving-it 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abhayaaryaan says:

      I won’t be myself if i dont thank you for this. I m inspired to write more. Thank you. Means a lot.


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