The rage

An excerpt from batman begins(2005)

Alfred: Took quite a fall,didn’t we,master bruce?
Thomas wayne: And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

We all curse the fate for all the downfall we face in life. We as human search for reasons to cover up the mess we own,the failure we have stagnated and the fall we have taken.

So where is the pothole? Why are we not able to succeed the failure? Why the fall is so steep?

If you’re seeking for answers then take my word,don’t. The more you try the deeper you fall.

Instead have this rage. The rage to stand up. The rage to rise. The rage to unleash the animal in you. The rage to unearth the talent you’re.

And thats where those excerpt holds  significance.

Why do we fall?
So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Why do we fall?
So we can learn the value of failure.

Why do we fall?
So when the rise come be with you’re a changed person.

Why do we fall?
Because falling changes the way you live it.

Why do we fall?
We fall only to rise up again.

Don’t think that when you fall there will be people around you to catch you,they wont, they will be just waiting for their turn to be at the place where you’re. That is that and that is how it works. Instead just believe in your inner rage,it will lead you to a certain right path.

If you have not faced the failure,you dont know the true value of success. There is nothing wrong in falling and failing. But to live with it and reasoning it out is something we shouldn’t appreciate.Instead what must be appreciated is the rage with which one face the demons in life. Be rageful and don’t blame your fate for what you’re.

Next time you take a fall, face it and rise up to the bright sunshine above.

Abhay Rathore


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