Hey everyone!

A golden girl with a golden heart thought i could do some quoting, So let me come straight to the point Miss.girlwithgoldenheart nominated me for this 3 Quotes for 3 days challenge. And as one of the rules states( see below) i should be thanking her for nominating me for this challenge but guess what i am breaking the rules, so i wont be thanking her for nominating me for this challenge. Reasons? Why care for reasons, Its upto to me😆.  So what should i be doing if not thanking. *deep thinking*   Well thanking her will be like giving a vada pav to someone who deserve a McD’s double cheese hamburger. So instead of thanking her all i wanna do is to glorify her, with just mere words she brought a change in someone’s life. And that someone will always be grateful of her for that.

So ok, enough of sweet pies , now time for the so called rules

     1. Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you, ok i didn’t (But you have to)
     2.Post a quote each for 3 days on the trot, did i? Well you will figure it out in a minute or so
     3.The last rule states that you have to nominate three other fellow blogger for this quote a day challenge ( Wait, am i watching jai ho?  Kahi suna lagta hi.. Whatever) 

So here are my nominees for the “And i quote” challenge ….

Wait… *checking followers list* holy god all of them had already taken one.. I m very very late, I realised. So what am i suppose to do… Nominate them again for the same again ??

Ok so i m nominating them again… Please bare with me… As this will be all your’s second time or third time so i have a twist for you guys…

“The twist is that you have to make your own quote instead of quoting a famous personality or some unknown(for you girl with golden heart) and there is no complusion in doing it as it becomes monotonous doing again and again”

So here goes the nominees


And the winner is …. Oops i forgot it’s not an award show… *facepalm*

And now to the most important part..The quoting part.

What to quote? Whom to quote?what to quote about?

I dont even know who norman cousins is or are…. But what he or they described in two lines is worth a share.


Abhay Rathore


19 thoughts on “And l Quote

  1. Challenge accepted! But I am not gonna nominate anyone further, coz people are not so thankful over here for right reasons 😂 Btw great thought with a great quote…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Btw the twist u hv given is quite challenging and unique. I think you should also attempt it. But i can’t nominate u this time, sorry😋

    Liked by 1 person

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