And I Quote -2

Ho! Ho!

Hey everyone,

So i am back with the sequel of “And i Quote” and here i dont have to thank anyone, can quote a Quote directly, but wait why play by rules, so i m against the rule again….

Muskan… This girl deserve a special mention, coz she has glorified me so much that i m on the seventh moon(Is there any? I dont know) but i really wanna thank her from the bottom of my heart for those kind words she uttered… Thank you
And i again wanna glorify Sonali for all the good deeds she had done…. Thank you too much…

Now for the quote…

Day 2 Quote 2

” They hate you for what you have become, success and failure are your biggest adversary, but remember you get to choose”

So Choose wise…..

Abhay Rathore


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  1. Ohh…believe me, you’ve glorified me more! And I loved talking to you. I’ve met some amazing people through wordpress nd you’re one of them. I’m really glad that I started this blog😊

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  2. And for the quote, it’s so true! The choice makes all the difference 🙂

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    1. Abhayaaryaan says:

      You made them amazing by the way you’re… So you deserve all the credits and glorification. Thank you so much.

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      1. Okay enough for the clishés now. I’ve had my dose that’ll last a lifetime xD you’re saying this coz you’re amazing yourself.

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      2. Abhayaaryaan says:

        Huh… Ok 50 50 you amazed us by the way you’re… And we amazed you by the way we are…so basically what am i saying is
        2+2 equals 5….

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      3. Hahaha….yep I can agree to that😁
        And for the record, 2+2 equals 4 😉

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      4. Abhayaaryaan says:

        Oh wow… 2+2 equals 4… 😯 mother of god… I was wrong the whole time.. childhood ruined😕😕

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      5. Lol…glad I saved you from failing your CA xD *kidding*

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      6. Abhayaaryaan says:

        😂… You certainly did…. Like my heavens opened up… Wow… 2+2 = 4 … Yea… Mera pass Maths hai….

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      7. Lmao xD I can take credit for that😁😂

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      8. Abhayaaryaan says:

        You can… Only after i tally the balance sheet by teaching you something in return(wait! What do i know, nothing😂) Oh Em Jee… How will pay this liability…What to do??

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      9. Don’t worry. I can give you trade discount. I won’t even have to show it in the books! *evil smile*

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      10. Abhayaaryaan says:

        The word Discount sounds so soothing☺😄…. I m ready to purchase more

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      11. The purpose of discount is to increase sales. So I succeeded. Yayay xD

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      12. Abhayaaryaan says:

        Aare waah… I m seeing an young entrepreneur in making… Keep on

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