Day 3 of the challenge of Quote a day for 3 days and it’s the finale time…  So i was wondering what to quote… Muskan, guess what i dont have any… So i m gonna recycle one of the quote i posted/commented on your blog…

Its already mentioned in her blog tomorrow but still….  I feel tired and dont have enough stamina left to think of any thing novel so here it goes…

“life is not what yoy make of it, it’s what you live and what you leave”

Thank you…

girlwithgoldenheart thank you for the challenge…

Abhay Rathore


29 thoughts on “And I Quote -3

      1. Thats tragic…. Sometimes let the things flow instead of thinking the same.. So let the teacher speak her all bakwas and badass…. Once she s finished …. just smile 😊 and you win…

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  1. Now That’s something easy to me to get into my small head 😋 “the quote and the thanks” both. Last one was quite tough n I still can’t get that, sorry….

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