Forever tomorrow

We often come across beautiful love stories which has immortalized itself into the heart and soul of many people.

Romeo and Juliet being a prime example.

So what did their love story had that today every Romeo wants a Juliet and every Juliet longs for a Romeo.

Everybody knows Romeo and Juliet’s romance┬á but a very few knows the tragedy and what Shakespeare really wanted you to comprehend from this poetic love story.

Romeo killed himself when he thought Juliet is dead.
Juliet killed herself with the same dragger with which Romeo stabbed himself, when she found him dead.

For those who dont know Juliet was under a potion drug which pushed her into deathlike coma for two days thus faking her death, she asked her friend to send a messenger to convey this message to Romeo but the message never reached Romeo and the rest is history.

Romeo didn’t die because he can’t live without Juliet, he died because he knew he will die everyday if he choose to live with the pain of losing her, dying at once he chose, the wise he chose.

Same thoughts can be applied to Juliet to, she thought it’s better to die at once than to die everyday with the pain of losing the love of your life.

The pain of losing someone dear is worse than the mighty death, that’s what Shakespeare wanted you to know.

Death kills you just once, but the guilt of living with an incomplete soul will kill you daily for no end of time.

There are people out there you care for and people who cares for you, love them, they deserve it. Care them, they have earned it. Pamper them, they love it. Because there is no tomorrow without passing today.

Abhay Rathore


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  1. Very well written post Abhay! ­čśŐ

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    1. Abhayaaryaan says: liked it.. Thank you

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    1. Abhayaaryaan says:

      Hahaha…… Very deep indeed­čść… #Deep thoughts

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