Creative Blogger Award

The incredibly incredible, the batwoman, the dark knight’ress(A batman fanatic always have nice things to say about the other batman fans) Muskan sehgal has nominated me for the creative blogger award.

Cliché  Cliché cliché …..
I love the way how she express her feeling through words, very few can do that and she is among those very few.
And Muskan i m in the R&D process of that bookaholic award, i m pretty poor with book & thier adaptations..

Nominate some other bloggers and notify them

Link the blog that nominated you…

List 5 random facts about yourself

5 random facts about me:

I take everything to the eleventh hour

I don’t know who God is(No offense,just a personal thought)

I love to walk, i walk a lot, it calms the demons in me

I m a good reader of eyes, i read them well😆

I m very bad with emotions, i don’t handle th well….


Abhay Rathore


20 thoughts on “The creativity

  1. There was a time when I too didn’t know how to express or get rid of my feelings. That was before I started to write.
    Well, clishé for all the incredibleness(is that even a word? XD) you associated with me. I must say that you are equally well incredible, my friend!

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      1. Nop I am not Ranglez. I am RangELz. 😛 R – angel -Z 😀 I think a change of link is in order 🙂
        And thank you so much for the nomination. I will be writing on it soon 🙂

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