I seriously have no idea, why people tend to celebrate days. There are birthdays, valentine day, friendship day,children’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, republic day, that day, this day, his day, her day, their day and what day is today, yeah, that’s the independence day.

They make me to ponder a lot on our level of sanity. They even name days after a couple of mortals and immortals, which i won’t further dig into, to avoid any kind of trouble.

Ask yourself. What difference does it make, rather than being just another day. I am not against the celebration of any of the above mentioned day(s) but why today. Yeah, it’s true that some of these days make us feel happy and joyous but then why can’t we replicate the same on any other day, why today.

What day should you be more concerned about, the day you’re born or the days that formed part of your life, the days you lived your life. It’s not significant that on which day, you were born, what is rather material is the day you’re living and joyous of it.

Valentine day? Oh come on, love don’t cost a thing or day, so it dont need any specific day to brag about it. Love is love, it’s natural, beautiful and it’s just a synchronization of hearts.

Mother’s day, Fathers day? I wish people could understand this. If i had to trade my soul to protect their interest, i would do it on any given day. They gave me life, i owe it to them but not at the cost of my freedom. It cannot be curtailed. I love my parents on any given day, wishing them on just one single day is not going to make any difference.

Friendship, well i dont have to speak of this, any day with your friend(s) is friendship day. Yeah modernisation have dampened the bond a bit, but who cares, friends are friends anyway.

And to come to that day, this day, her day, his day, their day? Well may their soul rest in peace for what they have done but dayifing(i know thats not a word,) them, come on. Will we ever grow up. I want Sunday to be Sunday, not some Jayanti (no hard feelings).

If you’re independent enough, if you have wings and aren’t caged then every day is your independence day. You don’t have to bring it down to one day. Some great mortals never bowed down to British during their colonisation of India and those mortal lived their life independently even in an imperial India. Independence is a state of mind.  Independence is no day to celebrate, it’s  wearing your heart on your sleeve and following it without bowing down to any,  any in the sense any. That is freedom, yours in your hand.

Any other day can be your day, so don’t worry about the days to come, instead feel proud of the days you lived.

Ok now that’s too much of day and days. So if you have made this far then enjoy and celebrate whatever day you were intended to celebrate in the first place. Feel happy to be a part of it and do it.


The picture is a direct lift from my fellow blogger Muskan‘s blog. She owns the copyrights.

P.s : This post is not meant to hurt or abuse anyone’s feeling. It’s strictly professional😜

Abhay Rathore


15 thoughts on “Any Other Day

  1. Well I personally think that people need these days to get off work/school xD
    Kidding aside, I kinda sorta do agree with you. I used to be a birthday freak, but as I grew up. I started treating my birthday as any other day.
    As for all the other days, they all hold some significance. But in today’s world, they have lost all their significance and are only treated as another holiday. So why celebrate these days if you don’t even believe in the concept?

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  2. I think people, including me ofcourse, are too busy nowadays that they seldom get the time to do something special for others. And hence these special days. We love our mothers and fathers. We enjoy certain moments with them everyday. But just to add an extra bit and show them how much they means to us, these special days have been “invented”!

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  3. You’re right, but life doesn’t need to get too busy to enjoy little things in life on any other day. We have been bestowed with this life so that we can live it , everything else come second including work. That is that, a personal opinion though. But certainly your point made me lot to ponder upon. Thank you. ☺


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