We all have different sets of questions inside us wanting to be answered. But who else can answer it better but you. Sometimes you get so lost in these pondering questions that you feel that they will never be answered.

            The pondering questions


Same old question pondering inside heart
Why do i fail after toiling so hard
Why everything i see and choose, i lose
Why everybody i love has a shade of grey
History repeats & repeats tearing me apart
Same old question pondering inside heart

Answer today or answer tomorrow
Wish everything you have, i could borrow
May be that’s the way to end my sorrow
Because all i am doing today
Is keeping my happiness at bay
Everybody knows to fake
Why am i not that smart
Same old question pondering inside heart

You call me show off, you call me mean
There is more to me, you haven’t seen
Demons inside and divine outside
I have never been
Why everybody judge me a lot
Same old question pondering inside heart

She called me baby, she called me  sweetheart
How to love a fool and fool a love
It was definitely a tough art
But my girl, you were a bit too smart
Why you messed my life sweetheart
Same old question pondering inside heart

Abhay Rathore


23 thoughts on “The Pondering Questions

      1. Oh dear! Did i tell you, you’re too good and too wise a girl for your age…
        I hv enjoyed it, it’s just sometimes this heart of mine which loses it’s path and start wanderin in the unexplored darkness.

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      2. You think so? I’m so freakin confused about what I’m gonna do after 12th. I wanna do so many things but obviously I can’t do them all. Btw something in psychology is one of them but since I don’t have it as a subject right now I don’t know I should take it or not.
        God I’ve started rambling again*sigh*
        Thanks/clishรฉ though*winks*

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      3. They say follow your heart in whatever it need to do. I don’t but that. Heart is a complicated organ so better go with brains. Don’t set predefine goals and may be take it on a day to day basis rather than going all freaks abt future that way you ll live your life to the fullest and might also end up being what you wanted to. Just a wanderer’s words.

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      4. Wise words. Thinking about the future frets me. I mostly try to go with brains as I believe that decisions should be made after weighing all the pro’s and con’s but what do I know? I’m just a “little girl” (as they like to say whenever I put forward my opinion)

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      5. I’m sorry if I’m being an intruder. But Muskan I just read your comment and wanted to tell you something. Though I never had psychology as my subject, I had tonnes of friends who studied it. Psychology is basically biology. Not all of it. But major part if it biology. And also, while majority of my friends left it after grad, one of my friends pursued it and did her post graduation. Also, one needs to be dedicated towards it because if you really want to study psychology as your first subject, then you need to study a lot. One of my friend’s sister is an assistant professor at GNDU, amritsar. She did her UG, PG, PhD and now she’s going to the US to do another PhD before being certified as an experienced psychologist ๐Ÿ˜Š So choose carefully ๐Ÿ˜Š it is interesting, that’s what everybody said, but you need to remain dedicated and give a major part of your life to it ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      6. I am really confused right now so all the suggestions are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ I have many options and psychology is one of them. Well, you made it sound pretty scary๐Ÿ™ˆ I have friends too who’ve taken psychology and they too say that it’s not a child’s play. I was attracted to it as I’m a very observant person and I read people easily. But I don’t know that it’s enough for pursuing the subject. I’m thinking of taking counselling so I guess I’ll be clear after that.*hopeful smile*
        Thanks for the suggestion, really appreciated ๐Ÿ˜€

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