What you have is also a dream to many


I have seen all three aspects of India, the beautiful yet complicated rural India, the pleasant yet disturbing semi urban India and the final one is the busy yet alone urban India.

On one side, there is this kid who after his school helps his father in the field.

On the contrary, there is this kid who demands to his father a upgraded version of a new gadget which has just entered the market.

The kid from the rural part has dreams too. But who is going to hear him. The world has changed, it has progressed to greater heights. So where does this kid stands. Not aware of the changes around him. Who is to be blamed for. If he were born in the urban part, who knows he might have had been the next Mark Zuckerberg or Larry page.

It’s not all about talent. Everybody has a bag of one talent or the other. It’s about the oppurtunity to showcase the same. It’s about the opportunity to execute the same. It’s about the opportunity to atleast try the same.

In rural India, even electricity on a regular basis is a huge thing. So stop pondering about them having proper schools. There will be only one school,a school ran by the government.

Opportunity. The kid can’t expect that kind of opportunity in the local school ran by the government(if you can call them school, at all). His father would have no idea, about the changing world or the opportunities it offers to his son. He ploughs the field, sows the seeds, prays to rain gods and will wait for the harvest. Some bad day and if rain gods are a bit extreme on either side, the entire hardwork will go waters. So his dad will be having his own share of worries to worry about. His top priority is to feed his family with bread and butter. With that the worries about the future of his son takes the back seat.


So proper education at proper pricing is the only way out for the kid. In his village there is only one school, a school ran by the government, providing education at free of cost.

Free of cost. So basically government pay everything from their pockets. To the teachers, the sweepers, for the infrastructure. And what do they provide in return, education or atleast they can call it so.

If you have ever visited any of these schools, you will realise, the heights of  mismanagement of these school by our government. It seems, they have only kept them for the namesake. There ain’t   any education or learning happening over there. The only people who benefit from these schools are the so called teachers, who get a hefty pay check in return for their so called service.

I tell you, what kind of service they provide. A fifth grade pass out can’t handle a five multiply by five or an eight grader doesn’t know the basic science. But when i happened to meet some of these kids, they were incredible. Their memory power was beyond the level i could fathom. Their other skills, other than education were noteworthy. It’s there i realised, that life is not a fairy tale, what you have is also a dream to many.

Education is something where there must be a teacher- student relationship. You can try learning on your own, once you have learned to learn. But for learning to learn also you need a teacher. What is taught to you stays with you.

Education is everybody basic right and we all are obligated to provide the same to someone who cant afford one.

Government. Just because you’re providing something free that doesn’t mean that you can degrade the quality of that something. You’re tampering with the life of the million and millions of kids, who aspires to be the part of nation building. Don’t ruin it for them. 

Education is of utmost importance. And i feel everybody should be receiving the same. If you cant provide proper education for free, provide it for a reasonable price but provide it better. With better infrastructures, better faculties (this one is of utmost importance) and certainly with better objective.

So, we will no longer have kids, who could have been anything but ended up ploughing the field.

                          Will i rise

                   My dreams are big
             My life is at logger heads
             I dont have opportunities
               Will i ever get the same
                          Will i rise
                          Will i rise

       I want to settle scores with life
               I want to shine bright
        I want to achieve great heights
               I want the opportunity
                    I want one now
                         I will rise
                         I will rise

Abhay Rathore


21 thoughts on “The Fading Dreams

  1. Abhay!! This is what moves me!! I used to teach a kid from a government school. Same problems he had. I wanted him to learn English, but he didn’t wanna. Because for him it was a waste of time. His Mathematics was good, but he was too busy to pay attention to that. He liked working with his dad, a daily wage earner. When I complained to his dad about the kid’s behavior, he didn’t know the intensity of it. He took it very lightly. Because he obviously didn’t think studies are that important. For him his business of ironing clothes was more important.

    Government schools are just a cover up by the govt. They’ve opened a gazillion schools across the nation, but the quality of education is close to zero. It is very sad to see that underprivileged kids have so much of potential and the govt is wasting all that. India could use these kids to become a developed nation. But no, everybody is too lazy and selfish to their part.

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  2. This is so darn true. Nobody appreciates what they have. There’s always something missing from their point of view. But what they don’t realize is that what’s their reality could be someone else’s wildest dreams.
    A very great and thought provoking post. Aaanndd, loved the little poem at the end. Keep the great posts coming*nods with acknowledgement*

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      1. They’re from 21st🙈 And God knows that I haven’t started studying that seriously*sigh*
        But I just couldn’t ignore the unread novels that sit on my shelf. In fact I’m reading one right now. I don’t know what’s wrong with me xD
        Thanks for asking btw*sheepish smile*

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  3. That’s brilliantly said. Education is what is going to make this country a better place. But smarter people would lead to the exposure of loop holes of society and the games of politics. Probably that’s why people are kept in the dark the way they are. Sad, how it’s all a game to the people on the higher end.

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