You know you’re in love,  when you make somebody’s else sadness as your sadness. Its when you feel for someone as if it were happening to you, you realise how much that someone means to you.

Sach pe kyun jaa raha hai
Aah thoda is joot ko jeeke toh dekh le
Mohabaat nashili hai badi
Ek do goont tu peeke toh dekh le

Mujse kyun door hota hai
Aah thoda nazdeek aake toh dekh le
Dhun teri meeti hai badi
Thoda pyaar se bulake toh dekh le

Labz kabhi kahte ni hai
Aah labo ko labo se chooke toh dekh le
Jaan hoti hai kimti badi
Kabhi jaan luta ke bhi toh dekh le

Sapne sach bhi hote hai
Aah is sapne ko apna ke toh dekh le
Roshini teri chamkili hai badi
Kabhi is dil ko roshan karke toh dekh le

Aankon me nami si kyun hai
Seene se lipte khul ke roh ke toh dekh le
Aanken teri haseen hai badi
Kabhi aankon me chupa pyaar toh dekh le

Kyun begaani si hui hai
Kabhi is apne ko mil ke toh dekh le
Muskaan teri khoob hai badi
Voon ghumo ko tu bhulake toh dekh le


99 thoughts on “Begaani

      1. Haha, this reminds me. I have exams tomorrow, and I had exams last week as well. And, one of my friends told me “kitne exams dogi tum, Newton ban jaogi”, and I was like “if an apple falls on my head, Newton nahi banungi, mar jaungi.” ๐Ÿ˜›
        Okay, that was completely unnecessary, sorry for the long comment. ๐Ÿ˜›

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      2. Haha, it’s necessary, coz it reminds me that I have my exams next week and kitna bhi pad loon Newton ni banunga…. Coz when newton saw the portion of CA exams he teleported himself back to centuries and life badal gayi….
        Oh! Wait…. ? Was it Newton or Einstein jiske sar pe Apple gira?

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      1. No. Miss thief, no we all are not, we’re just person, there is no good ones or bad ones….
        Insaan acha bura ni hota, bas insaan hota hai,
        Kisi ka sahi kisika galat hota hai, kisi ka galat kisika sahi hota hai.
        OK don’t kill me for this toooooo lamba philosophy. Natural hai, can’t controlโ˜บ

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      1. Kuch logo ke liye badlav mamooli baat hoti hai, they easily tends to change with changes around them, par kuch par badlavo ka koi asar ni padtha, changes don’t work over us, sayad isliye itna dard sehte hi par badalthe ni.

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