Come As You Are

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away”, those were the last few words Kurt Cobain transcribed in his last note.

A barbarian group in the name of religion slaughters hundred a souls, and to top that proudly flaunts its deeds. It vows to repeat the action for as long as they cease to exist.

If Charlie’s hebedo was a trailer, then siege of Paris is your commercial masala entertainer. Finally people can now change their DP’s, trend their hash tags, abuse the other religion and cry of condolence for the innocent brutally murdered. If that is not enough, they would even debate on it, arrive at many a solutions, but what next, as the days will pass, these so called debaters, DP changers, hash taggers and religion abusers will come back to their reality, and the reality is we don’t give a damn.

What have we become? A human openly terrorize other human, and all we do is sympathise for a day and forget about it the next. A group openly admits to its barbarian deeds and we don’t even bat an eye. Are we so tame? So basically a group of one tenth of a million can out shadow seven billion people.

It’s true, you know why, because there is no “We” in these seven billion people, there are just seven billion in numbers.

The people of France don’t need your change a day DP, nor your hash tags, and even they know that terrorism don’t have a religion. The people of France don’t need condolence, all they seek for is courage to stand up again and rage to wipe out this curse called terrorism.

Can you give them that. Can you risk it for the sake of humanity. Can you do it to them what they did. Can you stand up against your own kind. Can any of us give them that.

It’s better to burn out than to fade away, it’s better to die a fighting death than to live in the clutches of fear.

If tomorrow it’s your someone being  murdered by these demons , will you hash tag, will you change your DP, will you blame it on religion. No, my friend you will seek for justice. And my friend there is no better justice than revenge.

Are we ever going to get that, is there an end to this terrorism. There won’t be any unless we act and not just react.

It has become more of a pattern that the top ministers or officals of our world condemns such attacks, but sadly what they don’t do is act.

And some loud mouth pieces will drag the religion into it, alas they don’t know
what religion means and how it is perceived.

And for all those who drags religion into this:
Believe in your religion, don’t be an advocate of it.
Follow your religion, but without a blind fold.
Love your religion, but not at the expense of hating other.

Just don’t become something, because someone told you to become one.

I am no saint to talk all this,  I am  among the eight billion people watching shards of us falling all over the place. I have my heart in place for all the lives lost, I do pity it, I still haven’t forgotten Charlie’s Hebedo, but I don’t wanna show it, because if I do, those barbarians will win and I just can’t see that. They want us to feel pity, they want themselves to be feared, they want us to be terrorized, and we just can’t let them do that.

So if you’re hearing this, come as you are, I am not afraid of you, I m not terrorized by you, come as you’re.

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  1. I love this post–would appreciate it if you’d check out my site maybe. I just started. Comments and/or suggestions are welcome

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abhayaaryaan says:

      Will do it fr sure….. Thank you


  2. Well said, my friend.
    There are some people who really do feel the pain, but most of these dp changers and hashtagers just do it for the sake of some trend. This is very disturbing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abhayaaryaan says:

      Yeah I hope people do realise what people go through in this time and do actually feel some grief

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  3. izza ifzaal says:

    Very winsome thoughts Abhay 🙂 and I hope for better or worse people stand united against the chaos other than pointing fingers or making derogatory remarks with prejudiced profiles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abhayaaryaan says:

      Yeah, you’re right… This is a war on humanity and there’s no better world without humanity….


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