I can’t be blamed, how good you’re, I have no choice

It’s hard to pretend, I try hard, nerves give up when I hear your voice

I just can’t be tamed, I get low, I get fumed, you belong to me

Show me the imprint of your love, cage me in that heart, not to set free

I hurt you, I abuse you, I do pretenses, yet I can’t do without you

You cheat, you backstab, you and that killer dagger of yours, just is due

How low we are stooping, love is sex and sex is love, it fades

We put on a mask, you fake it, I take it, we mend it, we and our grey shades

Today we do fine, there might not be any tomorrow, love is sex and sex is amnesia

You’ll be in someone else’s arm, and all we had, there’s no memory

We don’t regret, there is no betrayal, love is lust and lust is hungry

We grow up listening folklores, becomes fantasy, when not filled, that’s all we regret

Lust is temporary, love is long gone, where we’re now, the beginning, where we first met.


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