I am not much into celebrating days, tragically yesterday happened to be the Valentine day. A day for lovers to express their love, to emote the unsaid and sometime think of what’s been through.

A few days ago somebody asked me of love and why does it haunts one so vividly. I thought of it for a while and the one thing that struck my mind was death.

Love is death.


The absence of love kills you everyday.
The presence of love make your day.

They say love makes your life to live, what they never speak of is that the pain from love takes your life bit by bit.

But all this apart. Death is certain, none of us is immortal, so is love. It is certain that you’ll love someday. No one can escape from its clutch, its bound to happen. Whether its happening at 16 , 20 , 25 or 55, there is no time for love. The thing is that someday there’ll be love. But the interesting thing is that you cannot die twice, and that’s when he asked me “can love happen twice ?”

I replied in negative. If it does then the first time was never the love. People often misunderstand the feelings. Human emote in different ways. What is important is how you name them, as long as you know emotions, its not that difficult. But then not everybody is well versed with the art of knowing, and for those who don’t they often misinterpret it.

Feelings is like that whole set which contains different aspects like love, lust, craze, affection, likeness ,fandom etc.

When love happens, it just happens. There is no addition or deletion to it.

You live only once.
There can only be one death.
There can never be a second in love.

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  1. I always wanted to post something as similar as this….now u did ..kudos bro for a wonderful post

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    1. Abhay Aryan says:

      Glad that we think in a similar way☺

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  2. izza ifzaal says:

    Spot on !

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