The Boon of Start Ups

There are two ways to go about in life. Either give a damn or just don’t.

Most of us are pretty content with what we possess. Though we all have aspirations, ideas and dreams, we tend to put them on the back burner citing financial and family woes. A few among us overcome these struggles to rise up to the occasion and watch our dreams and aspirations become reality.

Had Mark Zuckerberg given into the Harvard pressure to secure a job position for himself, Facebook wouldn’t have exist.

Recently I came across this Forbes article on Ritesh Aggarwal, C.E.O & founder of OYO Rooms. His success story startled me. From selling SIM cards at the age of 13 to setting up his own company at 20, he surely has come a long way in a short span. In an interview with Forbes he said that he was never afraid to take risk and was willing to go bankrupt for its cause, keeping in mind that he had three siblings to take care of his parents.

All the investment and funding OYO has commanded is a visual treat for a finance enthusiast. From a single hotel in 2013 to around 7000 hotels across the country in 2017 is no simple feat. This aided in OYO Rooms becoming largest branded network for budget hotels. “No idea is big or small. It is the trust on the idea which defines its fate” the quote perfectly sums up the journey of OYO so far.

Had Ritesh Aggarwal given in to the typical mindset of settling into a job for assisting his family financially, you and I wouldn’t have had a comfortable stay at a budgetary cost in one his OYO rooms.

If you look up carefully at the list of startups that has garnered all the eyeballs and attention, they all have one thing in common: Trust. Ola became successful because of lack of transparency and just in the prices charged by the Autowallahs and Cab drivers. Zomato saved many of us from the embarrassment of having to visit a hotel and exiting on viewing the Menu Card. OYO made staying budgetary and easy. In short they appealed to the common middle class which forms the core of Indian demographics. They attained their trust, and that is the only prerequisite for a successful venture. A customer who trust you is basically your Golden Duck, he’s there but he’d bring a few others too.

Recently I came across a Startup still in its infancy thriving to explore an area untouched by the technology: Freight Forwarding. The said industry deals with same issues that human commuting possess; transparency and trust. The promoters are hell bent on attaining the same, a little talk with one among them and you would realize that numbers don’t matter to them, all they seek is trust of their end users and once they achieve that numbers will take care of itself.

As many points out, it is true that nine out of every ten startups fails. But there is nothing wrong in failing. Failure makes you wise. But don’t wane without a fight. One should be proud that they gave a damn to their aspirations and dreams. For most of us it is still a test from hell.

And always remember, no idea is big or small. It is the trust on the idea which defines its fate.

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