Tiny tales – Conceal-Part One

“What you keep writing in those journals” , the wife asked peeping into his work. “You’ll know it someday, its just that today isn’t someday” , said the hubby concealing the journal.

Tiny tales – Remorse

Forget me, she said. He forgot her. Sad that he didn’t know she was his world. He forgot her, his world is forgotten.

Tiny tales – Photograph

The frame on the wall. The wallpaper on his screen. The memories in his heart. He kept his love in a photograph.

Happy Birthday

He called her to be with him. She wore her favourite dress for him. Seeing the beauty she is, he got awestruck. She took the passenger side in his car. They drove far and far without a destination in mind. The car stopped and the moonlight dwindling. Before she could ask, he said “I love…

Tiny tales – After You

He was depressed. He was tired. He thought of what he has been through. He realised life holds no meaning. But then he heard a voice: Daddy. He smiled. Life smiled.

Tiny tales – One

He said love. She whispered lust. He thought trust. She lived. He dies everyday.