The obituary

Note: Its a fictitious letter and bear no resemblance to myself, any friend or anyone. The falling leaves I have to let this go. I am becoming such a burden. For whatever I used to be, I am not the same. For one and all I have realised that life is not a fairytale, it…

Tiny tales – Remorse

Forget me, she said. He forgot her. Sad that he didn’t know she was his world. He forgot her, his world is forgotten.

Tiny tales – Photograph

The frame on the wall. The wallpaper on his screen. The memories in his heart. He kept his love in a photograph.

Somebody I Know

Heart. The mechanism that starts working the day you’re born and don’t betrays you until you’re dead. It defines what kind of person you’re going to be. Brain. The mechanism that develop itself onto you with your growth and defines how others will be seeing you. This post is a bit personal to me. ‘Cause…


I think of you in my every breathe I picture you close, close enough to this soul But to you, I am forgotten Wish you knew, life is more than making ends meet Wish you knew, love is immortal in any  folklore You don’t remember the history we had You never talk of the moments…

The Pondering Questions

We all have different sets of questions inside us wanting to be answered. But who else can answer it better but you. Sometimes you get so lost in these pondering questions that you feel that they will never be answered.             The pondering questions Same old question pondering inside heart Why do i fail after…


You know what, i loved a heartless