The Boon of Start Ups

There are two ways to go about in life. Either give a damn or just don’t. Most of us are pretty content with what we possess. Though we all have aspirations, ideas and dreams, we tend to put them on the back burner citing financial and family woes. A few among us overcome these struggles…

The obituary

Note: Its a fictitious letter and bear no resemblance to myself, any friend or anyone. The falling leaves I have to let this go. I am becoming such a burden. For whatever I used to be, I am not the same. For one and all I have realised that life is not a fairytale, it…

Tiny tales – After You

He was depressed. He was tired. He thought of what he has been through. He realised life holds no meaning. But then he heard a voice: Daddy. He smiled. Life smiled.

Tiny tales – One

He said love. She whispered lust. He thought trust. She lived. He dies everyday.

The Fading Dreams

What you have is also a dream to many I have seen all three aspects of India, the beautiful yet complicated rural India, the pleasant yet disturbing semi urban India and the final one is the busy yet alone urban India. On one side, there is this kid who after his school helps his father…

The Pondering Questions

We all have different sets of questions inside us wanting to be answered. But who else can answer it better but you. Sometimes you get so lost in these pondering questions that you feel that they will never be answered.             The pondering questions Same old question pondering inside heart Why do i fail after…

The Kalam in us

There is something in life which is inevitable, which is the mighty death itself. All the talks of forever and immortalization sounds soothing but let’s face it, you can’t beat the death, can you. Today we lost a people’s hero to this inevitable. A.P.J Abdul Kalam The name is enough to stir up the emotions….