The godmother 

I am not normally into condolences and homage posts but I guess I have to voice it out.

So yesterday was a fateful day in the annals of Tamil Nadu’s folkloric history. This juncture marks the end of an era. Today I see all social networks buzzed with posts and tweets which are glorifying her, yeah the same set of people who would leave no stone unturned to ridicule her, conspire against her and self levy the corruption charges are glorifying the woman who is so dead. So sad is the fact that its her death that has garnered her this respect of these so called intellectuals, for all this while she always had the support of the other side of the coin.

I for one have always believed in gender equality and it was one such cause she championed. She was called Amma for a reason, because like a mother she never discriminated her children (the general public). Being a woman is a tough job in India or rather I put in the world, which for some reason always echoes male dominance right from the start. She believed in a society where women play a part as much as the men in state building (which in turns leads to nation building) and in my view she has substantially achieved that in her state. Its up to the rest of India to take a leaf or two from her term and implement the same.

I don’t want to sound optimistic but Tamil Nadu is one of the most corporate friendly states in India. It has the highest number of factories in India. Tamil Nadu ranks second in state wise GDP. I am not saying this to glorify one lady but she played a part in such state building is something her followers can be proud of.

Her subsidized food and neccesites for poor scheme is something the nation will remember her for so long. Instead of giving lavish free beeies or cash for vote she promised her state people free household daily necessities which we use in day to day life. She subsidized necessities for the large chunk of poor and middle class people so that it can be affordable for them. But as I said its not the scheme but its proper and qualitative implementation which brings the fruits, and that is where she went miles ahead of her contemporaries.

But like all of us, she too was a human. Human are no gods and we all have our own demons. We always have wishes and desires to be fulfilled, and like all she did too. An honest politician exist only in cinemas and folklores. There aren’t many, infact there isn’t one. They all have their agenda, so will we if we were in their shoes, because deep inside we all are corrupt.

To me if you’re able to bring a change in even a single person’s life you’re worth the life you have been bestowed with. And I believe there are many such instances where she played a part. MGR wrote history with his CM tenure but Jayalalitha became the history which is going to echo in the walls of Tamil nadu for no end of time.

I am not a devotee, fan or follower of Amma, but I feel she has done enough to go with fanfare she has received during her homage and funeral.

RIP Jayalalitha Jayaraman. You’ll always be remembered as the Amma of our state.

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  1. I love this post. ❤ Maybe I should throw this in the face of everyone telling me she does not deserve the fanfare because she was corrupt.

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    1. Abhay Aryan says:

      It was inspired from your fb posts by the way…😉

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      1. Haha, in that case, I’m very glad. 😀 Kaise ho aap?

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